Whether an Airbus or a Boeing: an aircraft must always be clean for the passengers travelling on it. Aircraft cleaning requires a great deal of specialist knowledge. Thanks to our many years of experience, Group-f Aviation is your ideal partner!

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Extra services

At Group-f we find it important to always offer a customised package with the necessary flexibility. This allows us to relieve you of peripheral tasks so that you can focus on your core business (detail).  As a multi-service provider, we do not limit ourselves to the interior cleaning of aircraft but can also extend our services to the airport itself.

In-house heroes

At Group-f, we invest in our employees and their happiness at work. We want Group-f employees to enjoy their work and radiate this enjoyment. In addition, we invest in the quality of our Group-f experts through our Cleaning Academy. The training centre supports our employees in their ambition and desire to develop into passionate and loyal experts. For us, our employees are the indispensable links in our company, they are the real heroes at Group-f.

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