Hotel cleaning

Group-f is the market leader in the hotel sector, one in which experience, representativity, flexibility and performance seven days a week are central. We are convinced that our facility services make a positive contribution to the experience of your guests.

With Group-f, you are choosing for a spotless result, but also for clear and open communication. Not only do we take care of your guests, we also aim to eliminate your worries. So you can focus on creating the ultimate experience for your guests.

At Group-f Cleaning & Hospitality, you are choosing:

  • A flexible approach
  • Sustainable, long-term cooperation
  • Motivated and trained in-house staff
  • Above all: Quality is top priority!

A service package tailored to your needs

In each case, we design a tailor-made package that fits your needs, timing and budget. By expanding our cleaning services to multiple facilities, we can help you even more and increase cost efficiency. A selection of our additional services:

  • Specialised floor cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Glass cleaning
  • Handyman service
  • Guest laundry
  • Fragrance experience
  • Sanitary supplies