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Looking for road plates to safely carry out your activities? Need help with permits and signage for works on public roads? Or for the maintenance of your aerial work platform? In addition to the rental of aerial work platforms, Group-f offers a number of extra services to handle all your associated needs. Discover all the services below and get in touch!

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Road plates

When working with an aerial work platform, road plates can provide greater stability and safety. They support the aerial work platform, protect vulnerable surfaces and prevent machines and materials from sinking. You can rent the road plates together with the aerial work platform.

Group-f rents both wooden bulkheads and iron road plates. The iron road plates measure 5 m by 1.35 m (thickness: 1 cm). The wooden bulkheads measure 5 m by 1 m (thickness: 7 cm).

Permits and signage

If you want to install aerial work platforms on a public road, you will need the required permits and signage. We can help you sort this out. We apply for the necessary permits and install and monitor the signage.

During a site visit we determine whether permits and signage are required for your project. All placements are done by specialised staff who are available 24/7.


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Rent aerial work platforms for longer periods

Need an aerial work platform for a longer period, but don’t want the administrative hassle (inspections, maintenance, insurance, repairs…) of a purchase? We’d be happy to help you with our long-term rental service.

You can rent an aerial work platform of your choice for a fixed monthly amount. The rental period is always determined in consultation with you, as are the various extras.

Maintenance and repairs

Have an aerial work platform that needs maintenance, but don’t have the expertise to take care of this right away? Our team of experienced maintenance professionals can help you with the maintenance, repair and overhaul of all construction equipment.

Our experienced maintenance team will also help you with hydraulic failures, electrical failures and complete overhauls.